We are the Weavers and this is our Web. Argante Silvermantle and Puck Tanglewood present for your perusal... wonders to delight and enlighten.

~ Witchcraft & Spirituality ~

Sowing Circle Family Coven
Religious group for Pagan families with children living in Portland, Oregon.

Authentic Celtic tales for ritual and bedtime.

~ Arts & Crafts ~

Needle felted wool sculpture, art pieces and playthings. Handmade Waldorf and rag style dolls based on Pagan, fantasy and folktale themes.

Silver Mantle Costumes
A collection of Argante's best historical and fantasy costumes.

My Medieval Themed Wedding
Costuming advice for medieval-themed events, with photos from Puck & Argante's 1998 wedding.

~ Roleplaying Games ~

Pandemonium Gothic RPG & LARP
Tangleyarn Fantasy RPG Rules
Knight Errant Arthurian RPG Rules & Campaign